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Gaspar Téllez

Gaspar Tellez is a native of Mexico City. Following his dream in the field of the arts, he enrolled in the School of Plastic Arts (EDA) in the Plaza de la Ciudadela, receiving his position as Official in Plastic Arts in 1979. Soon he moved to Los Angeles, California, with the Aim to continue his studies, and manages to accumulate experience working with a variety of materials, starting with glass, ceramics, metals and, finally, wood. In 1984 he opened his own fine cabinetmaking studio, called "Gaspart Designs Arts and Crafts," manufacturing his own designs in a variety of materials, including fine woods, metal, paper, resin, acrylic, and clay.

"Simplicity, elegance,

and impeccable execution ”

Gaspar Téllez trabajando la escultura "El Rizal"

During her years in Los Angeles, much of his work is for clients in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, and Venice Beach.


It receives orders from a number of boutique stores in the western Los Angeles area, such as "Civilization", "Empiric", "Mortise and Tenon", "Seva", and "Shelter". Her pieces are exhibited and sold at the Beverly Hills Design Center for many years.


He becomes known in such a way as a furniture designer, that it doesn't take long for him to be contacted by the film and television industry to manufacture furniture and accessories for movie sets and television series, mainly for Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Paramount Pictures.


In 2002, he obtained the title of Master in Fine Joinery from the University of San Diego, bringing him closer to his dream of instructing others.

Twenty-eight years after opening Gaspart Designs Arts and Crafts (and 33 having lived in the United States), Téllez decides to return to his country and is located in the beautiful town of Valle de Bravo, in the State of Mexico. With the accumulation of experiences from more than three decades of work in the United States, from sculpture to the construction of wooden houses, the manufacture of furniture and the design of decorative objects, in December 2011 GaspArt Studio opens: the first school design and fine joinery in Mexico.

It is a school that has no equal in the entire country. With more than 330 square meters of space in which to learn and work, students (ages 6 to over 60) have a wide variety of quality tools and machinery. Here Tellez shares her extensive knowledge with all who want to learn this noble trade, whether they are pursuing a career in fine cabinetmaking, or simply have creative and artistic leanings.




a mix of organic, rustic, contemporary and Asian styles, are summarized in the values that, in his opinion, sustain the essence of fine cabinetry:

"Simplicity, elegance, and impeccable execution".

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