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Gaspar Tellez - Brief Bio

As a young man, Gaspar Tellez studied Art and Industrial Design in Mexico City. Inspired by the thought of a new challenge, in 1979 he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he experienced working with glass, metals, ceramics, and lastly, wood. By 1984 he had opened his own studio --Gaspart Designs Arts and Crafts— the beginning of a dynamic career and a thriving business in fine woodworking.
Tellez is a master craftsman with 30 years of experience that includes designing and executing beautiful pieces of furniture and sculpture, home integrated furniture, as well as home construction and renovation. During his years in Los Angeles, much of his work included designing and building custom pieces of furniture for the rich and famous: celebrities and music artists in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, and Venice Beach. Much of his corporate work was performed for movie and TV studios such as Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Paramount Pictures. His pieces were represented and sold in the Beverly Hills Design Center for many years. During the course of his career, he obtained his teaching credentials from the University of San Diego, California, in 2002, thus allowing him to follow his dream of teaching and inspiring creativity to others.
Thirty-three years after leaving Mexico City, Tellez made a full circle back to his country of origin, relocating his woodworking and design studio in Valle de Bravo, this time as a full-blown school: Gaspart Studio - Escuela de Ebanistería Fina y Cerámica. Complete with a full line of machinery and over 3500 square feet of space to learn and work in, the school is the only one of its kind in Mexico. Here Tellez shares his knowledge of fine woodworking with those interested in a professional career as well as with anyone interested in creative art who wishes to learn this noble and timeless craft. Students’ ages range from 6 to over 60, and a variety of classes are offered in fine woodworking, wood carving, creative wood turning, wood sculpture, ceramics, raku technique, and ceramic sculpture.
Tellez’s art and craft --a blend of organic, rustic, contemporary, and Asian styles-- are best expressed by the values he upholds as the essence of fine woodworking: simple, elegant, and well-executed.

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