Extramural Workshops and Training Programs


If you organize children's camps or cultural festivals, we can offer you a wood and ceramic crafts workshop to complement your activity program.


If you have a company dedicated to the production of wooden articles, from decorative objects to industrial furniture, we have training programs in carpentry and joinery techniques, which will increase the quality of your production and decrease material losses and human risks.


Children's carpentry workshop for 6th year primary students in Camp Pipiol, in the ex-Hacienda de Pipioltepec, Valle de Bravo. Projects included puzzle-like frames, birdhouses, and tool boxes.

Multi-activity workshop that included wood lathe, children's carpentry, ceramic lathe, and clay classes for children, at the Novemberfest Beer Festival, Valle de Bravo.

Wood Artistic Lathe Workshop, in celebration of World Art Day in Mexico, at the José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City

Training program in cabinetmaking techniques for the manufacture of furniture for the transport and exhibition of product carried out for the Moldex company, in Lerma, Toluca.